What is our nature trail about?


As already suggests the name of this nature trail „Latzel´s trail through Rychlebské Mountains karst“, the main theme is the karst and the karst phenomenon in this region. What is it a karst? How and where is it formed? How was a limestone mined in the past? How did the presence of limestone affect the life of local residents? How lived workmen in lime works in 19th century? What do we know about this region´s history and the history of limestone industry? You can find the answers to these questions as well as much more information about the natural and historical interests on the boards of this nature trail.

You may wonder what is the connection of above mentioned with Latzel? And who in fact Latzel is? The Latzel´s family was one of the most prominent industry families in Jeseníky Mountains in the 19th and in the beginnig of the 20th century. It was Anton Cajetan Latzel, who built the first lime kiln in Vápenná village in Silesia (Slezsko) region in 1869. Thanks to Latzel the limestone industry was greatly developing in Silesia and Latzel will guide us through the trail, which is full of not only natural but also historical interests form his times.


Main facts about nature trail:


Nature trail alinement: Vápenná - Polka - Lesní Čtvrť - Ztracené údolí - sedlo pod Kopřivným - Horní Lipová

Total length: 9 km

Number of nature trail stays: 8 and 3 information boards

Nature trail entrance: Horní Lipová BUS station, Vápenná - Lesní Čtvrť BUS station, Vápenná railway station

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